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Blue Skies

Oh, hello. 

Honesty and vulnerability are powerful traits to kindle any relationship. I ask you share with me what feels important and most appropriate as we're tending to our professional relationship; because of this, I'm here to do the same. 

My Story

Growing up in Warrenville, Illinois filled my childhood with curiosity, adventure, friendships, and heartbreak. I am the youngest child in a family of six and second to the youngest in a blended family of nine. My parents divorced when I was six years old. They blessed me with three older sisters who have been my best friends all my life. We share an indescribable bond. My blended family gifted me and my sisters a step mom, a step sister, and a step brother. My spirit overflows with gratitude knowing my family and my step family get along quite well. Can you believe we plan our family vacations together?

While my life is full of blessings, it's just as full of heartache. We've all struggled with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and thoughts of not being enough. We were affected by the opioid epidemic and we've sat in our shadows for many moons. Through honoring boundaries, holding space for ourselves, and never giving up on each other, we continue to thrive. We take family vacations, lean into the hard conversations, and trust our God/Gods/Goddesses/Guides to provide light to our path and heal our souls. We're a spiritual bunch (if that last sentence didn't tip you off) and we have a deep connection to our Higher Power. 

My trust in God has led me into and through my journey of healing, and being a healer. Sometimes life feels beautiful, full of grace, and overflowing with synchronicity and love. Sometimes life feels chaotic, emotionless, stagnant, and unappealing. Sometimes life feels like all of those things and that's what I call "beautifully chaotic." When this mixture arises, I know it's time that I surrender to the flow and trust that God will see to things settling around me. 

I'm here to be a guide on your wellness journey and to teach you how to heal yourself. I promise, this journey will be beautifully chaotic and it will become easier and easier to focus on the beauty. As a healthcare provider, I will address your physical and emotional concerns, perform physical exams, order blood work and imaging, prescribe supplements and/or herbal prescriptions, consult with your medical team, and refer out when necessary. However, the true healing starts when you take control.


You are strong, you are capable, and you are a healer.

I'm here to remind you of that. Al maktoob, dear one. Al maktoob. 

My Medicine

I am a naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist, and birth doula but above all else, I'm human. I see your joy, your sorrow, your triumph, and your frustrations because I see it in myself too. I don't expect perfection nor do I expect to see you at your best. I want to see you.


You are worthy of being seen. 

I resonate with nature cure, also known as vitalistic, naturopathic medicine. This particular focus in medicine emphasizes the body's innate, self-healing capacity when the proper conditions for health are established. It also honors utilizing natural means to help promote sustained health. I believe we are born with the strength and ability to heal ourselves when living within the laws of nature. Life choices rooted in nutrition, hydration, movement, sleep, and relationships have the ability to damage our health and prevent our healing process; which also means these choices have the ability to benefit health and healing! It is likely your treatment plan can include prescriptions to spend time in nature, drink more water, have a tough conversation you've been avoiding, put on ice cold socks before bed, take a homeopathic or herbal remedy, or add a supplement to your daily regimen.

Our society has grown accustomed to quick "fixes" with synthetic/pharmaceutical medication only to be ailed with adverse reactions, increased tolerance, addiction, and feeling duped after the treatment didn't work/didn't cure the ailment/ended up making things worse. Naturopathic medicine is more than treating signs and symptoms of illness. In fact, naturopathic medicine is never that. Signs and symptoms are indicating a deeper disturbance in your health and naturopathic medicine is focused on discovering what that disturbance is by treating the person, not the disease. We call this "root cause medicine" - as in, let's find the root of your problems! The signs and symptoms you're experiencing are clues to what organ systems need attention, which allows naturopathic doctors to customize a treatment plan just for you. What worked for your friend may not be best for you and it takes a trained eye to spot these differences.

Whatever you're experiencing, whatever is weighing heavy on your heart, whatever attention you're in need of - I'm here with you, alongside you, and for you.

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